Zink different. Siegener Verzinkerei Gruppe - Oberflächenveredlung

Zink different. Siegener Verzinkerei Gruppe - Oberflächenveredlung

Versatile - our surface finishing processes

Where others stop, we are just taking off: Powder and wet coatings or Duplex coatings as well as Passivation, Zinc flake coating, Centrifugal galvanizing, High-temperature galvanizing and Anodic oxidation are part of our finishing portfolio. Other than „common“ zinc coatings, these additional processes not only provide specific protection features, but also allow for maximum design freedom. Whether signal, camouflage or your company‘s corporate design colours: nothing is impossible.

The Coatinc Company – making versatile protection match appealing design

Please select the process you want to know more about from the subnavigation on top or here: NTV - Normal-temperature galvanizing, HTV - high-temperature galvanizing, Duplex, Powder Coating, Wet Coating, Anodic oxidation, Passivation, Centrifugal galvanizing, Zinc flake coating