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The Coatinc Company - Protecting your dreams

Everything is already done

Where others finish, we are just getting started: Hot-dip galvanizing, powder and wet coatings as well as duplex coatings are an integral part of our finishing range as of now, as are high-temperature and centrifugal galvanizing, zinc flake coating, passivation and anodic oxidation of aluminum. The great thing about this is that we bring together the protective features you need with processes that deliver the utmost in visual design freedom.

Coatinc is my one-stop-shop.

Wet coating

Our wet coatings combine excellent protection with a variety of design options and complete freedom in the color selection. As a specialist in surface finishing, we are aware of the oftentimes incredible demands and requirements steel is subjected to nowadays.

Coatinc unites opposites.

Anodic oxidation

All our anodizing processes have one thing in common: Perfect results. At the same time, the methods we use to achieve these results could not be more varied. Because finding the truly right solution for each project – this is a very unique philosophy.

Coatinc is an alu-rounder.