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    On the course of success with Coatinc – Job profiles

    Are you looking for a career – but are unsure how? Countless portals, forums and websites inform about professional training, academic programs, job profiles and occupations. Quite according to the motto: whatever fits. But what is really behind this? What is a day at work like for an executive at a surface finisher? Is a sales representative just a “door-to-door salesman”? Does a galvanizer really spend all day behind the kettle?

    Our employees provide insight here into their career paths, work places and their daily routine. Be inspired by the people who might soon be your colleagues.

    Jigging station Hassan Ince

    Hassan Ince has always known that he would like to do something with big machines and structural components. So, after completing school, he chose to undergo training as a metal finisher in a metalworking shop in Kreuztal, his home town in the Siegerland. It was on June 28, 1997 that he started working in the jigging station at Coatinc Siegen.

    Today, at 37, he still remembers that date precisely for The Coatinc Company was his first employer and his first step to being independent. “You can do anything as long as you have work,” has always been his motto. In the jigging station, his job was to prepare structural components for going through the various finishing stages prior to being transported.

    Production, logistics and packaging Ivan Lieveld

    Ivan Lieveld had never had any contact with either steel or metal before coming to Holland from Suriname 20 years ago. The political and economic situation in the tiny South American republic had become noticeably worse. Mr. Lieveld was working in rice paddies that belonged to the government – but he wanted a better future for his children.

    Since every citizen in the former Dutch colony automatically possessed a Dutch passport, he and his wife were able to emigrate to Amsterdam at the beginning of the 1990s without any problems from the authorities, but full of big dreams. More than 17 years ago, he began working at The Coatinc Company in the Dutch metropolis. He quickly found his way around his new environment, thanks to the assistance of his older colleagues who warmly welcomed him into the team.

    Customer advisor Sivathas Ganeshathas

    After high school and vocational college, Sivathas Ganeshathas had already completed training as a commercial clerk when he started at Coatinc Siegen with a simple job in the quality assurance department. At the time he had no knowledge whatever in the area of surface finishing, let alone hot-dip galvanizing. His contract was limited to three months and the other employees at the site didn’t think he would get any more. But Ganeshathas asserted himself – with curiosity, diligence and discipline.

    Three months became six and, thanks to his SAP skills, a simple job was transformed into a responsible task in the logistics department, where he checked incoming and outgoing goods. A short time later he took up a position in the customer care department, as well as a two-year contract. He also invested his spare time on weekends to work in the company and to get to know all the working processes intimately as a shift supervisor. He changed position in the company to join the claims management department, where he processed open orders.

    Buying department and head of the secretarial office Julia Klennert

    Following the birth of her children and after 12 years’ parental leave, in 2001 the qualified industrial clerk Julia Klennert, joined Coatinc Siegen as a re-entrant, seeking further personal fulfillment and development. The Moldovan native was made aware of the job by a job vacancy at the Federal Employment Agency, where she had completed a workplace re-entry course.

    She started with a job in reception, where her joyful charisma and warm voice made a great impression. As a receptionist she looked after guests’ needs and managed the telephone exchange. At the same time she deputized for a colleague in the purchasing department who was absent on vacation or due to illness. After one year, her predecessor moved to key account management, and Julia Klennert took on sole responsibility for buying and office administration.

    Managing director Tobias Wesselow

    Tobias Wesselow has always known what he wanted. Today he is the managing director of Coatinc PreGa and has overall responsibility for high-temperature galvanizing within the corporate group.

    He originally qualified as an electroplater, coater of metal, plastics and other material surfaces with the help of electricity, in order to improve their characteristics, before studying mechanical engineering, majoring in surface technology. In 1999, he was nearly finished with his studies; all that was missing was a degree. And DM800, which he needed in order to move in with his later wife. He therefore looked for a job, instead of staying at university.He came to The Coatinc Company by accident.

    Sales representative Vanessa Avila

    Vanessa Avila’s day begins at seven in the morning. During the first hour, she takes the time to plan her daily agenda, and then she hits the road. For Vanessa Avila is a sales representative in the field and covers a distribution area of many hundreds of kilometers. Her mission: to acquire new customers.

    In her case, that means convincing blacksmiths that they should have their steelworks galvanized, passivated, wet or powder-coated by The Coatinc Company in future. Vanessa sees around six customers a day – higher than average. “If you have the will, you can do it!” She tackles her new job with this motto in mind. The 29-year-old has been with The Coatinc Company only since June 2015.

    Emerging talent Katharina Schulte

    Whoever shakes Katharina Schulte’s hand knows that one is dealing with an assertive woman. She has learned to stand her ground. After all, her everyday working life in surface finishing is dominated by men. As a woman, she must first learn to assert herself. But Ms. Schulte knows what she wants.

    After completing her school-leaving exams (Abitur) in 2012, she started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Coatinc PreGa just a few months later. For three years she learned everything about the different areas of one of the leading companies in the surface finishing sector. Whether purchasing, sales, accounting or operational processes – she soon knew everything about the processes of galvanizing and coating. It also became clear to Katharina that she was more interested in the technical side than in the commercial one. The 22 year-old combined both talents – her technical understanding and commercial skills – with university studies in industrial engineering.

    Production planning Joop Noort

    Joop Noort has been involved in the metal processing industry in the Netherlands for 30 years now. After spending a few years in the catering industry, he was employed by one of TCC’s competitors and worked his way through all the sections from powder coating grids to head of shipping and transport to production planning. It was that job experience that made him the expert he is today.

    Then in 2013 in response to a job ad he saw on the internet, he applied for a vacancy at TCC that dealt with planning and scheduling. As soon as he saw the ad, he knew that was the job for him. And for that, the native of Amsterdam was ready to move from Nijmegen to De Meern.

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