Hot-dip galvanizing and surface coating

In more than 130 years The Coatinc Company has developed from a regional hot-dip galvanizer to one of the leading surface finishers in Europe. The range of services starting with consulting and covering all processing and finishing steps including logistical services turns us into the one-stop-shop service provider that galvanizes dreams in a sustainable manner and in any shade of color.

Coatinc in sound and vision.

Coatinc in sound and vision.

Verzinkungskessel zum Verzinken in einem Werk der The Coatinc Company.

Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is by far the most economic corrosion protection for steel constructions and many other products made of steel.

Find out more about hot-dip galvanizing.

High-temperature galvanizing at Coatinc PreGa

The Movie

How exactly does high-temperature galvanizing actually work? What does the interior of our kettles look like? And what is the difference to hot-dip galvanizing?

We’ll answer these and other question in our HTV – Movie!

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