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    If you wish to talk to our management team, please get in touch with one of our points of contact, who will take care of any request which goes beyond pure surface finishing.


    The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH
    Hüttenstraße 45
    57223 Kreuztal
    Phone: +49 2732 796-118
    Mobile: +49 151 171 35874

    Your contact person:
    Anna-Maria Prax


    The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH
    Steinstraße 5
    57072 Siegen, Germany
    Phone: +49 271 43478
    Fax: +49 271 46869

    Your contact person:
    Petra Böhmer

    Contact Holding company

    The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH

    Carolinenglückstraße 6-10
    44793 Bochum, Germany
    Phone: +49 234 52905-0
    Fax: +49 234 52905-15

    Your contact person:
    Silke Sandmeier


    When it comes to producing large series, we are the partner to choose, or, more accurately: the partners to choose. With a network of various shops across Europe we handle capacities of up to 1,000 tons per day in Germany alone. What makes the difference? We have state-of-the-art know-how to manage logistical challenges and perfectly align all processes. Take advantage of our long-standing expertise which we demonstrate in different ways, e.g. by handling several million parts for the automotive engineering industry.

    The Coatinc Company – providing a series of benefits.

    To learn more about our services for series production, please consult our segment manager.


    We are committed to sustainability. Not only by providing the necessary large warehouse and manufacturing capacity of several thousand square meters and 1,600 tons per day at our locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, which makes it possible to galvanize all steel components required to build greenhouses. In this way, we not only galvanize greenhouse components but subsequently powder-coat them in white. The resulting higher degree of reflection helps to save energy while at the same time increasing plants’ growth rate.

    Service included

    We understand the various needs and wishes of our customers and have adapted perfectly by offering a variety of services which sets us apart from the rest. Due to our 24-hour services and digitized inventory management, we guarantee speed – including the logistical process elements transport optimization, seaworthy packing, container loading, customs clearance and the preparation of contract documents and packing lists.

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