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The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH

Carolinenglückstraße 6-10
44793 Bochum, Germany
Phone: +49 234 52905-25
Fax: +49 234 52905-15

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The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH
Carolinenglückstraße 6-10
44793 Bochum, Germany
Phone: +49 2732 796-0
Fax: +49 234 52905-15

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Diana Posner


The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH
Steinstraße 5
57072 Siegen, Germany
Phone: +49 271 43478
Fax: +49 271 46869

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Petra Böhmer

We galvanize dreams

Strong regional roots and an international orientation: The Coatinc Company (TCC) combines surface technology with a wide range of related services.

We have lived our vision of perfect surface finishing in Siegen for generations. The Coatinc Company dates back to the Siegen Actiengesellschaft, which was founded by the great-great-grandfather of today’s managing director Paul Niederstein in 1885. Even in those days, zinc was already big business. It is true that the range of processes has been significantly expanded since then. But even today we are convinced that galvanizing is still the best form of corrosion protection you can achieve.

“Galvanizing has been existing for 150 years now, so it is an old economy process,” Paul Niederstein, who manages the holding company’s fortunes along with Philippe Dupont, explains. “But the attraction lies in the fact that new application areas are added all the time which are absolutely new economy, such as the whole renewable energy segment. You will not find any wind turbine, solar energy or offshore system without galvanized parts.” The range of processes offered by TCC is remarkable in itself. In addition to normal and high temperature galvanizing, the company provides powder and wet coatings as well as duplex, anodizing for aluminum, passivation and centrifugal galvanizing. One absolutely unique feature is the high temperature galvanizing process which is bundled in the company Coatinc PreGa. PreGa means Precision Galvanizing – a procedure the company has developed and made ready for market itself. “This allows us to bridge the gap between electroplating and batch galvanizing in the normal temperature range,” Niederstein says. “We hereby apply thin layers which are highly resistant and provide excellent corrosion protection. We don’t know any other company in the world that offers this process in the form that we apply.” A total of over 450,000 tons of steel and several million square meters of steel and metal are refined every year for the five business fields steel construction, steel trade, series production, blacksmiths und automotive. The company with deep roots in the South Westphalian small firm sector has grown into a modern corporate group with 24 subsidiaries and eleven shareholdings.

A major step was the increase from 33.3 % shareholding to 100 % control of the Dutch market leader NedCoat in 2011; but equally important is the “one-stop shop” strategy which is a high priority within the group. “We stand out from our competitors by providing a comprehensive package of related services including transport and logistics in addition to our coating systems,” Niederstein explains. It is a position the company has worked for. It used the years 2008/2009 for an intensive strategic process to establish its vision and mission. They additionally decided on a new corporate claim, “We galvanize dreams.” This statement really gets to the very heart of TCC’s philosophy: Because behind each part that is processed in any of their factories, whether it is an underbody component for a sports car, an artistically designed railing or a girder for a football stadium, are the efforts of engineers, projects, visions. Dreams even. “We protect these dreams and make them to last,” as Niederstein puts it. “We preserve architecture, help connect people – with bridges, for example – and get them moving by processing parts for their cars.” Complex delivery regulations and process parameters do not scare the men and women from Siegen – quite the contrary. They are capable partners for major projects with the required plant capacity, like the 19.5 meter kettle for instance. TCC assignments include galvanized parts that are installed at Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park, at the Antarctic Neumayer III research station and in diesel power plants in Caribbean island states. For the latter, steel construction parts were initially picked up from Eastern Europe and the Black Forest, galvanized at various locations and then packed for overseas transport. This proves that the company no longer sees itself as a mere surface finisher but rather as a smart service provider.

The range of services starts with consulting and extends to all process steps that follow, including secondary operations to on-time packing. This includes comprehensive logistical services using digitalized merchandise management and export handling. “Whether the relevant parts are going to New Zealand, Hong Kong or Moscow – if the customer requests it, we will even deliver them in a yellow container with a gold ribbon,” Niederstein says with a chuckle. And even if this statement should not be taken too seriously, it gets down to the heart of the company’s claim: It is all about the overall package for the customer and being there for the customer as a reliable partner. This also fits with the consistent strategic decision to focus on surface finishing technology and related services and not go beyond that to also produce steel or metal products. “We don’t want to compete with our customers,” Niederstein says, “but take care of their products.” The future outlook the CEO describes also demonstrates a well-thought-out concept. The Siegen company’s growth strategy is based on three pillars: First, maintaining the market share in core regions in traditional hot-dip galvanizing and growing the market share in other coating technologies. Second, further expanding into emerging markets with their own technologies under the banner of internationalization; and third, coming up with new products to benefit customers. Niederstein goes on to say: “This is about downstream services with added value – we’re always interested in ways to combine good surface finishing technology with intelligent after-sales solutions.”
TCC has developed positively over the past ten years and demonstrated above-average growth. With 1,300 employees at 24 locations, it currently generates sales of around € 185 million. If you include its 11 shareholdings with another 700 employees, the bottom line is clearly above € 200 million. As a self-described “conservative entrepreneur”, however, Niederstein feels primarily committed to keeping the family-owned company independent. “Growth is a ‘can’, but not a ‘must’,” he explains. He hereby firmly believes in the strength of well-established small business units, in local responsibility and a management style that is based on trust. “Although it is important for us to act in a unified manner as a group, we do not see decentralizing as a risk. We trust the entrepreneurs in the company and know that we owe our success to them and their co-workers. TCC is a family-owned company whose success is based on values, business decisions and above all on teamwork.”

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