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    References from The Coatinc Company

    Get a view insight the complexity of our work. If you wish to get more detailed information about our coated reference projects, please use our contact form to get in touch with a location in your area.

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    Coating of a walk-in steel monument by Coatinc Siegen

    The Saar Polygon is a symbol of the significant evolution of the industrial landscape of the Saarland after the end of the mining era. It reminds of the more than 250 years old coal mining tradition and the structural change as well as the further development of that region. This viewing platform has been designed and realized by the Berlin architects Pfeiffer & Sachse.

    Millerntor-Stadium, Hamburg

    Coating of the St. Pauli stadium by Coatinc Bochum

    For the construction of the new St. Pauli stadium in Hamburg, Coatinc Bochum had to coat approx. 200 tons of complex truss structures for the roof of the grandstands with the method of hot-dip galvanization. Along with obvious compliance with the DASt rule, this major contract included complex requirements for the logistics as well as “just in time” galvanization.

    Mofa-sculpture, Pirmasens

    Coating of a Mofa-sculpture by Coatinc Becker

    In Pirmasens (Rhineland-Palatinate) a blacksmith has refined his passion. He built this respectable Mofa including lettering. In order to maximize its beauty for as long as possible, Coatinc Becker (hot-dip galvanizing) in cooperation with “ESP Engel” (powder coating) has finished its surface. A particular challenge, because some of the sensitive parts must be handled with much caution and certain details must be observed.

    Dog kennel, Hungary

    Coating of kennel elements for animal homes by Coatinc Siegen

    The respectful dealing with nature is a central feature of sustainability. In many European countries, the number of cats and dogs has become a problem factor. As a result, they are often regarded as a plague and treated accordingly. Coatinc Siegen therefore contributes to the protection of animals and, at its own expense, refined kennel elements for the “Animal Protection Project Hungary” (Tierschutzprojekt Ungarn e. V.).

    Warehouse, Belgium

    Coating of components of a Belgian food warehouse by Coatinc Ninove

    Delhaize is an international food chain with headquarters in Belgium. A newly built warehouse in Ninove (B) now offers more, urgently-needed storage space. The structural steel elements were coated by Coatinc Ninove on behalf of the competent contractors’ association “VDK group” (NL). Thus not only the food enjoys safe and secure storage – the storage building is also protected against corrosion.

    Bridge railing, Grijsoord

    Coating of a highway bridge railing by Coatinc Hop, Alblasserdam & De Meern

    No fewer than three Coatinc plants were involved in this project. For transport optimization from East to West and vice versa, the Dutch highway junction of “Knoop Punt Grijsoord” on the A12 was enlarged, among other things by the construction of a bridge. The bridge railings were finished with the duplex method by the three Coatinc companies of Hop, Alblasserdam and De Meern. 9 tons of steel, initially hot-dip galvanized, then powder-coated and outstandingly coordinated by HOP!

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    Railwaystation, Brussels

    Coating of steel components for railway station buildings by Coatinc De Meern & Ninove

    Next stop: Brussels! The main railway station in the Belgian capital is one of the most impressive in the world, because it is located in a historic building. In the course of restoration and renovation work, the Coatinc plants Ninove (hot-dip galvanizing) and De Meern (powder coating) have coated parts of the station. Total order was for 45 tons of steel.

    Property gate, Netherlands

    Coating of a Dutch property gate by Coatinc De Meern & Ninove

    The family de Jonge from Terneuzen (NL) is living on a property that is definitely worth seeing. The property gate is one-of-a-kind – manufactured by the Dutch Foundry “De Feyter,” which had the gate and the associated rails coated by The Coatinc Company. The plant in Ninove (B) galvanized the 500 kg of material. Coatinc De Meern (NL) did the powder coating. The gate doesn’t only look good but, thanks to the duplex coating, it also enjoys a considerably longer service life.

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