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    For enquiries regarding marketing or press matters, please use the following contacts:

    Marketing & Press

    The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH
    Hüttenstraße 45
    57223 Kreuztal

    Your contact person:
    Anna-Maria Ademaj


    The Coatinc Company Holding GmbH

    Carolinenglückstraße 6-10
    44793 Bochum, Germany
    Phone: +49 234 52905-0
    Fax: +49 234 52905-15

    Coatinc NinoCoat N.V.

    Pamelstraat-Oost 500

    (Industriezone 2)
    9400 Ninove
    Phone: +32 54 325656

    You benefit from a diversity of processes at all our locations:


    Kettle dimensions:
    Normal-temperature kettle
    (L x B x T) 1.5 x 0.6 x 0.3 m
    High-temperature kettle 1 & 2
    (L x B x T) 4 x 1 x 2 m

    (L x B x T) 0.3 x 0.05 x 0.05 m


    We are there for you.

    Plant manager: Johan Wauters
    Phone: +32 54 32 56 56
    Mobile Phone: +32 485 51 05 55

    Sales director: Ann Huybs
    Phone: +32 54 32 56 56
    Mobile Phone: +32 475 50 63 75

    Account manager: Ann Eeckhout
    Phone: +32 543 25656
    Mobile Phone: +32 497 419452

    Account manager: Nadja Van Eenoo
    Phone: +32 54 325656
    Mobile Phone: +32 473 451561

    Customer Consultancy: Emma Hubaux
    Phone: +32 54 325656

    Sales / Indoor service: Guy De Vos
    Phone: +32 54 325656

    Production/Scheduling Spin Galvanizing: Bart Guldemont
    Phone: +32 54 319293
    Mobile Phone: +32 478 198076


    Philippe Dupont, permanent representative of MAD-T BV, Managing Director

    Marc Miclotte, permanent representative of MATB BV, Managing Director

    Registered Court: Ninove
    HRB: 439.705.057
    VAT ID: BE0439.705.057

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